Serving the NW for over 20 years!

Ramset Trakfast Pins                  Ramset Powder Pins                  Ramset T3 Strip Pins

Ramset Single Gas Pins                Marker Dart Screws                        Grabber Screws

Redhead Anchors                        Marker Dart Corrosion                   Grabber Corrosion

Redhead TruBolt                               The Steel Network                              Gyp-Fast Pins


Basic Drywall Submittal        New Putty Pads - High STC            Electrical Submittal

Plumbing Submittal                        Mechanical Submittal            Woodframe Submittal

Engineered Judgement          Certificate of Conformance            Estimation Tables


Tremstop Acrylic GG                    Tremstop Acrylic SP                        Tremstop IA

TremStop FyrSil                     Tremstop Fyresil SL     TremStop Smoke & Sound

Aervoe Spray Paints                        OSI Sound Caulk                          OSI Adhesive

Grabber Sound Caulk                     Grabber Adhesive


Tremstop Acrylic GG                        Tremstop Acrylic SP                        Tremstop IA

Tremstop Fyresil                                Tremstop Fyresil SL


                                    TremStop Smoke and Sound Submittal


Templates in Time